Sudden Bereavement Podcast

In our podcast, we will be discussing key issues relating to sudden bereavement with expert guests.

Your host is Jason Wakeford, Head of Communications and Engagement for Sudden

Our podcast is kindly sponsored by Hodge Jones and Allen Solicitors, a leading London law firm renowned for fighting for what’s right and providing top-tier personal legal services.

Where to listen

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Episode 1: Dealing with the legal implications of a sudden bereavement.


In this episode we speak with Leticia Williams and Ken Brough, of Hodge Jones and Allen Solicitors, about some of the legal issues that you might encounter following an unexpected bereavement.

Sudden is reliant on donations. We are a charity-run service. If you’d like to contribute to our crucial work, particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, then please donate to Sudden. Sudden is run and hosted by Brake, the road safety charity.