Sow a Seed of Hope

If you have been bereaved by a sudden death of any cause, you may like to create a tribute to your loved one.

Sow a seed of hope in our virtual flower garden to keep your loved one’s memory alive. For a small donation, you can choose a tulip, rose or daisy and fill this beautiful meadow with your messages of hope and love, to remember your loved one and help others who have been bereaved suddenly by any cause.

Coping with a sudden bereavement can be difficult, but finding ways to remember who you’ve lost can be comforting.

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If you, or someone you know, has experienced sudden bereavement, Sudden can help. Call us on 0800 2600 400 or contact us at and we’ll arrange for a dedicated caseworker to call you back. We help from day one, onwards, for the first ten weeks of bereavement, when people are often in extreme need of care and support, suffering from shock and huge change in their lives.

Sudden is reliant on donations. We are a charity-run service. If you’d like to contribute to our crucial work, particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, then please donate to Sudden. Sudden is run and hosted by Brake, the road safety charity.