localfuneral.co.uk  is here to support you at this difficult time.

Our network of 1600+ independent funeral directors are available 24/7 and waiting to help you and your family. All of them are members of at least one of the following trade bodies:

  • SAIF (National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors)
  • NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors)
  • IAFD (Irish Association of Funeral Directors)

If you’ve had a bereavement, it can be overwhelming understanding what to do next. localfuneral.co.uk’s purpose is to put you in touch with local independent funeral directors that can support you when looking to arrange a funeral. To search for a local funeral director in your area, visit localfuneral.co.uk.

Contact us:
Tel: 0808 164 4214 (Mon-Fri, 9 to 5)

*Please note that all funeral directors listed in this directory are provided through localfuneral.co.uk. You should be aware that there are also other funeral companies and services available throughout the UK.