Legal Panel – Standards of service

Solicitors must also adhere to our Solicitor Code of Conduct.

By signing up to the Solicitor Code of Conduct, our Sudden Legal Panel Lawyers (and their employees) agree to:

  1. Ensure adherence to the Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority (SRA) code of conduct.
  2. At all times, treat prospective and existing clients professionally and sensitively, taking care to understand and be empathetic of the trauma and distress caused to people affected by a sudden or too soon death.
  3. When working with clients conduct themselves professionally, and in a manner that upholds and enhances the reputation of Lawyers.
  4. Provide independent legal advice and always act in the best interests of the client.
  5. Provide a free, no–obligation, initial consultation to people affected by a sudden or too soon death seeking advice and support on pursuing a civil claim or another legal issue, and enable them to consider their options and make an informed decision about their next steps (including choosing a firm).
  6. Not put pressure on prospective clients to instruct their firm, and to recognise the right, and good practice, of prospective clients speaking to and considering other solicitors before making a final decision regarding their representation.
  7. Support clients with the offer of home visits or meetings at a mutually agreeable location (as necessary/requested and in line with COVID-19 restrictions).
  8. Advise the client fully of their legal rights, in accordance with their individual circumstances, so they can access fair and reasonable compensation.
  9. Ensure the client is fully aware, and advised on, all cost issues relating to their claim, including how any costs will be paid.
  10. Maintain and develop professional qualifications and competencies keeping up to date with current law and procedure via regular CPD (including internal and external training) and in line with best practice recommendations.
  11. Not make uninvited approaches to prospective clients where there has been no request for such contact.
  12. Not put pressure on Brake to endorse or recommend the services offered by their particular firm.

Important notice

Sudden is a service delivered by Brake, the road safety charity.  As such, while any sponsorship arrangements will be connected to and benefit the Sudden service, all agreements and standards of service are reviewed and approved by Brake.