Looking after yourself

Supporting someone who has been suddenly bereaved can be upsetting, especially if it brings back memories of personal experiences of bereavement. Try to be aware of your own needs and feelings during this time.

If you look after yourself, you can look after others, better.

It is important to:

    • Offer help you can reasonably give rather than over-promising what you cannot provide. You do not have to do more than you are comfortable with.
    • Consider in advance who can support you, if you need it, and when you may need support.
    • Know when to draw a line. Particularly if you are a volunteer, it is ok to gently end the support you are giving if it becomes too much, while also trying to ensure someone gets the support they need, elsewhere.
    • Create a self-care plan. Include doing your favourite things, such as reading, listening to music, or doing meditation or yoga. Make time to be by yourself, or with others you love who are around you at this time.
    • Access information on specialist support services that can help the person you are supporting further, allowing you to step back from supporting them when you need to.