Caring for bereaved children at school

Some schools have excellent policies and services to support children who have been bereaved. Sadly, other schools don’t. The most important thing for carers and parents is to keep talking to the school and reminding them of the child’s bereavement and the need for the school to be sensitive to their needs and their vulnerability.

The school could do simple things such as letting the child know they can go to a particular member of staff and a quiet room any time they like if they want to cry.

You can remind teachers to watch out for potentially insensitive situations. For example, if a child’s mother has died, and the class is making Mother’s Day cards, it could be highly distressing if not handled properly. In such situations, the best thing is for the teacher to talk to the child and their carers in advance to decide what to do. A child might want to be included and still make a card in memory of their mum.

Teachers and schools can ensure they are equipped to support children who are suddenly bereaved by attending our events for professionals and ordering copies of Someone has died suddenly and the accompanying booklet for carers such as teachers.