Coping with the shock

As well as feeling very sad, it is also common to suffer shock.

People in shock react in unpredictable ways, often at different times, in ways unfamiliar to them.

People may feel they cannot breathe properly, or go quiet, or scream, or moan. People may shake, or struggle to move. People may feel all kinds of heightened emotions.

Shock reactions can feel powerful, overwhelming, frightening. Understanding reactions are due to shock can help people cope.

It is easy to make mistakes when in shock. It is important to stay somewhere safe, warm, keep hydrated (with water or warm drinks) and have people around you.

It is important not to drive, nor do anything else that requires concentration and carries risk.

Contact your Sudden case worker for help with any challenge.

If you need to talk to someone outside our hours, call Samaritans anytime, day or night, 116 123.