Platinum Sponsor: Minster Law

Minster Law are delighted to be partnering with Brake to support their important work with the Sudden helpline.  We know all too well that people need as much help as possible following a bereavement and believe Sudden provides a vital service to an unfortunately ever-growing number of people.

We are a highly specialist, award winning legal practice, and are here to help you with practical advice following the loss of a loved one.

We offer a range of legal services to assist you in ensuring that you can focus solely on your grief.  These services include:

  • Serious and catastrophic personal injury
  • Criminal injury claims
  • Trusts and Legal Powers of Attorney
  • Liaising with different agencies such as the Coroner or police
  • Representing you and your family at an Inquest
  • Deaths overseas
  • Advising where people do not have mental capacity
  • Employment issues
  • Managing financial implications of a sudden death

We will be there for you every step of the way.  For more information please contact Matt Bell, Solicitor and Head of Charity Partnerships at or on 07858 352 777.

Minster Law is a proud sponsor of the Sudden Bereavement Helpline

For Minster Law, looking after our seriously injured clients is much more than a legal process. We strive to take the effort and stress away from our clients and look for ways to help all aspects of our clients’ lives whilst they go through the claims process.

‘I am delighted and honoured to support Sudden which is a vital helpline for an ever-growing number of people.  It will no doubt be a most upsetting and stressful time and we will do everything to ensure that Brake can continue to provide this service.  Hopefully you will never need us but be sure that we will be there to stand with you if you do.  We are passionate about what we do and share Brake’s vision to create a better pathway for those who have suffered a sudden bereavement’.

Richard Harwood, Head of the Bereavement Team, Minster Law.