Hodge Jones & Allen

Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors defend the rights of people across all areas of society.

We are a group of legal experts united, for over 40 years, by a common desire to pursue access to justice for everyone and help individuals.

Our specialist teams provide personal legal services for individuals and their families.

We help with:

  • Dealing with an Inquest – a very specific legal investigation conducted by a Coroner to establish the circumstances surrounding a person’s death, including how and why the death occurred. Find out more.
  • Managing the financial implications of a sudden death, including benefits and dealing with the Will. Find out more.
  • Pursuing a personal injury or medical negligence claim when a death has occurred due to the negligence of another. Find out more.
  • Employment law – guiding you through the complexities of the law in clear terms. Find out more.
  • Mental Capacity and Deputyships – a highly specialist area, dealing with the Court of Protection, which appoints deputies to look after the affairs of people who are mentally incapacitated. Find out more.
  • Family Law matters, which may include making arrangements for children. Find out more.
  • Human Rights – guiding you through your rights and the duties of others. Find out more.

Tel: 0808 252 5844 www.hja.net

Hodge Jones & Allen are proud sponsors of the Sudden Bereavement Helpline

All our specialist legal teams are hugely proud that we are the first sponsor of this incredibly important and timely helpline. Our solicitors understand that people need help in the early days of a sudden bereavement, along with signposts to practical guidance on life planning matters and often legal advice. The helpline case workers provide someone who will listen to your situation, advise you on bereavement issues and assist you with gaining good advice and with getting the right help when you need it most.

“We have dedicated well over 40 years to providing legal advice and guidance to individuals at difficult and challenging times of their lives. The Sudden Bereavement Helpline fulfils a need to help those seeking advice and guidance when the worst happens.

“Everyone who comes to us – their interests are paramount and, since 1977, we have been successfully resolving thousands of personal legal matters. We are committed to fighting for what’s right and to bringing about successful outcomes every day. Even if you’re not sure that your circumstances require legal action, we are happy to discuss and advise on the options you have to deal with the situation you face.

“Every lawyer at Hodge Jones & Allen adopts a meticulous approach to their work to provide comprehensive advice and full representation.”

Patrick Allen, Senior Partner, Hodge Jones & Allen